Moy Park profits must benefit workforce and ensure future employment sustainability

SMcK2016 Profits of meat packer amount to £41 million on turnover of £1.4 billion  

Unite call for an across the board inflation-busting pay increase and an end to Poverty pay

September 18th: Unite Regional Officer for Moy Park, Sean McKeever, called on management to share its success with all the members of its workforce.

“This is a strong set of results for Moy Park and underpins confidence in its future success.

“Management now need to ensure that the surplus that has been generated by the workers is shared with them fairly. A step-change on pay is the only way that they will be able to sustain the skills base necessary for future success.

“Unite is calling for Moy Park CEO Janet McCollum to engage with us in order to agree a pay deal which ensures that workers are proofed against sharply rising inflation: the most accurate measure of which – Retail Price Inflation – is currently running at 3.7% and likely to rise further before the end of the year.

“In addition to this across-the-board increase for all workers, management need to act now to address the issue of agency-poverty pay.

“We are calling for a commitment to use this profit to ensure that all workers employed directly or indirectly receive a Living Wage for what is a tough and demanding job. At current rates that would mean that the lowest rate of pay should be £8.45 an hour at Moy Park”, Mr McKeever concluded.

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