ROI Construction Sector

Building a Better Future with Unite

Unite the Union represents workers throughout the construction sector.  We are actively campaigning to improve the pay and conditions of all construction workers in Ireland, and to highlight abuses such as bogus self-employment. Unite’s aim is to ensure that all construction workers are directly employed under the terms and conditions of a collective agreement relevant to their particular trade.

Mechanical workers

Click here to download a leaflet explaining the pay and other entitlements of workers in the Mechanical Sector (plumbers, fitters, welders). Note that the next pay increases due to mechanical workers will be on 1 October 2017 (2.5%) and 1 March 2018 (2.5%).

In January 2017, Unite and another union, the TEEU, made an application for a Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) governing the mechanical sector; this would be legally binding on all operating in the sector.  A full hearing of the Labour Court regarding this application is expected later in 2017.  Meanwhile, it has been agreed to establish a Registered Employment Agreement (REA).  This agreement is binding and will cover non-pay conditions for mechanical workers (such as normal working week, pension members etc.).

Non-Mechanical / Electrical workers

In 2016, the Construction Industry Federation (CIF), representing employers, applied for an SEO governing non-mechanical and electrical grades; this application will be heard in June 2017.  In the event that, in the context of this application, the CIF seeks changes which will effectively reduce the pay of our members (e.g. abolishing travel payments, reducing the entry rate for general operatives), Unite reserves the right to launch pay claims on behalf of members working in the non-mechanical electrical sector.

Other construction workers

Unite actively organises workers throughout the construction sector to defend and advance their terms and conditions of employment.

Most recently, we organised crane operators and now represent 85 per cent of these workers.  Unite is currently working towards an SEO as part of a campaign to address low wages and precarious working arrangements in the tower crane sector, which is dominated by agency working.

Contact Unite’s Construction Team

Tom Fitzgerald (Regional Officer for Construction),, Tel. +353-87-2253755; Rob Kelly (Organiser),, Tel. +353-87-8182132; Gary Russell (Organiser),, Tel. +353-83-0057396; Sheila Teahan (Administrator),

Join Unite

Please click here to download an application form, or here to join Unite online.  Alternatively, please fill out the contact form below.

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  1. Ian says:

    What should the rate for a plumber fitter working in a hospital be working direct in the maintenance department I need to join a union I’m coming from a job that paid €23:60 an hour

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