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The Irish Region of Unite the Union represents Mechanical Workers, Glazing Workers and General Operatives in the Irish construction industry. Rates of pay and conditions of employment are set at an industry level with employers in the sector.

The decision by the Supreme Court last year to scrap the Registered Employment Agreements is a serious threat to workers throughout the sector – and it also represents a call to organise.  While the Supreme Court decision has taken away the legal basis for a ‘Registered’ agreement, the industry agreements remain Employment Agreements and as such are the appropriate benchmarks for minimum rates in the industry.

Our response to the Supreme Court decision is clear:

What we have, we hold.

If we organise and fight we can defend our terms and conditions.  If we don’t, employers will walk all over us.

We must build a powerful opposition to those who will try to use the Supreme Court decision to roll back our terms and conditions.  This means that we must build a strong union organisation in the workplace.

Remember – it’s workplaces with little or no union organisation that will be most vulnerable.

The message is clear:  if you are not in a union – join.  If you are working with non-union workmates – as them to join.

The above position flows from a 400 strong meeting of our construction members in May last year and subsequent company-specific meeting.

Agreed terms and conditions for construction workers

MEBSCA Agreement

The MEBSCA Agreement sets pay and conditions for all building services craftsmen and apprentices in the mechanical and engineering and building services sector. Click here for details of MEBSCA rates. Efforts are ongoing to ensure the registration of the agreement.

(Previously Registered) Employment Agreement – wages and conditions

The Registered Employment Agreement (Construction Industry Wages and Conditions) sets out wages and conditions for craft workers, craft apprentices and general operatives. Until the Supreme Court judgement earlier this year, these were legally binding.  Unite is working to ensure that all employers in the sector continue adhering to these terms and conditions.  Click here for details of REA rates annual leave entitlements.

See below for your Unite contacts in the construction sector, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

Tom Fitzgerald, Regional Officer- Construction Sector M 087 2253755

Robert Kelly, Organiser – Construction Sector M 087 8182132

Click here for details of our local offices

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