Join Unite

An injury to one is the concern of all

Unless you win the lottery or have millions in the bank, the chances are you’ll spend roughly a quarter of your life at work because that is the only – legal – way to earn money.

Anyone that goes to work and who cares about their pay and conditions – holiday entitlement, pension and so  on – equal rights, safety and training needs a trade union.

Click here to discover 10 reasons to join Unite the union.  There are many more!

5 Responses to Join Unite

  1. Sara says:

    How do you join?

  2. Dorothy McGarrity says:

    No I do not expect to win the lottery. Not in denial at all. Need some help to survive reality. I have worked for minimun wage for the past 18 months in Portadown Credit Union. I have been treated like a piece of shit “That’s a quote from the assistant manager” and every body who started there with me has left because of the extreme disfunction. These assholes are able to abuse current workers because they are trading of the good reputation of the credit union when it existed to help workers. Help!

  3. Shelly wilde says:

    Hi, I’m currently working for Lidl Ireland and I need security as I know the reputation they have in the working world. Can you help me?

  4. Prathibha says:

    Currently working for Musgrave

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