10 Reasons to Join Unite

10 reasonsUnite is the largest trade union in the UK and Ireland, representing members in a range of public, private and voluntary sectors including manufacturing, public services, transport, food, finance and construction.

Check out below 10 good reasons why you should join Unite.

Join Unite – have a voice, take action and play a part…Unite the union – the union for all.

  1. You can earn more – workers in unionised workplaces earn between five and eight percent more.
  2. You could get more holiday – Unite has won better holidays for many of its members in places where it organises.
  3. You are less likely to be sacked – trade union members are half as likely to be sacked than non-union members.
  4. You get more and better training – Unite has fully trained learning reps to ensure you update your skills.
  5. If you do get injured you can get better compensation – Unite regularly helps members and their families each year through its legal help.
  6. You are less likely to be discriminated against than non-union colleagues – Unite constantly campaigns for tougher anti-discrimination laws.
  7. You are less likely to be injured – unionised workplaces have trained health and safety reps to ensure employers meet their responsibilities.
  8. You will get better maternity or paternity leave – workers in unionised workplaces enjoy better leave than just the legal minimum.
  9. More job security – The union challenges job cuts and campaigns when workplaces are under threat of closure.
  10. Be part of an organisation that champions fairness – Unite challenges injustice at work and in our communities.

1 Response to 10 Reasons to Join Unite

  1. Brian Coombes says:

    I would like to join unite. Currently working for Ladbrokes roi, could I get more info please.thank you

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