Sign the petition to defend Bombardier jobs!

bbThe government must act to defend jobs and skills at Bombardier in Belfast

The UK is the second biggest Boeing client globally. Wecall on the government to follow-through on their words and use their leverage to defend Northern Ireland jobs from US protectionism; to compel Boeing to withdraw their meritless case and lift the threat hanging over thousands of Northern Ireland workers.

More than 4,000 aerospace workers are employed by Bombardier in Northern Ireland; sustaining a further 20,000 in the local economy. These jobs are threatened by the 300% import tariffs on Bombardiers C Series proposed by President Trump’s administration on behalf of Boeing.

Please sign this petition.  At 100,000 signatures, the topic will be considered for debate in Parliament.

Note: Only British citizens or UK residents can sign.

Click here to sign the petition.

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Unite takes fight for Bombardier jobs directly to US Capitol Hill

meeting CEOjpg

Unite and Unifor reps meeting Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare in Montreal


Unite will highlight that 22,000 US jobs are involved in C Series production, tariffs will only damage all workers

December 14th: A delegation from Britain and Ireland’s largest trade union, Unite will take the fight for Northern Ireland Bombardier jobs to the heart of US administration today when they meet with political representatives in Washington, including Congressmen and the Senate House Foreign Relations Committee.

The Unite group including Bombardier workplace reps, Noel Gibson and George Burnside, regional industrial officer, Susan Fitzgerald and Unite assistant general secretary, Steve Turner, will raise concerns that the 300 per cent tariffs proposed by the US commerce department on imports of the company’s C-Series are not simply unjustifiable but will lead to a crippling impact on Northern Ireland’s economy.

More than 4,000 workers are employed by Bombardier at five production sites in Northern Ireland. Plans were for more than 60 per cent of that workforce to be employed on C-series production in the next five years.

Import duties on the scale proposed would effectively shut-out Bombardier’s C-Series from the US airline market – currently the largest in the world – and undermine the economics of Bombardier retaining a footprint in Northern Ireland.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, Unite assistant general secretary Steve Turner, set out what he hoped to communicate: “Since our arrival in Montreal on Sunday we have met with trade unionists from across the aerospace sector, including Boeing itself, and there is a common understanding that the case being brought forward by Boeing and backed by the US administration will only damage workers across the board. 

“Workers are caught in the crossfire of a senseless and meritless case. We will not sit idly by and watch the destruction of a leading edge product built by a world class workforce in Northern Ireland.

“I will be impressing upon US politicians we meet that Boeing has suffered no loss from the C-Series and is unlikely to do so in the future, they didn’t bid for the contract to supply Delta Airlines they are complaining of and don’t even make an aircraft in the same seating class. Continue reading

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‘Grinch’ Capita Plc’s refusal to pay Labour Court recommendation highlights need to review public procurement rules

unite-white-out-of-redUnite members hand in letter to Paschal Donohoe

Union says case points up deficiencies in collective bargaining provision

Unite members today (Thursday 14 December) handed in a letter to Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe highlighting Capita Plc’s ongoing refusal to pay the enhanced redundancy terms recommended by the Labour Court in respect of six Unite members made redundant by AMT-Sybex, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capita.  According to replies to Dail questions tabled by David Cullinane TD, the outsourcing giant holds departmental contracts worth nearly €140 million. Before handing in the letter, members and supporters held a ‘Grinch’-themed protest outside the Department.

In their letter to the Minister, Unite expresses members’ deep disappointment at the Minister’s failure to respond substantively to a previous letter sent in October, and urges the Minister to review Capita’s public contracts in light of the company’s failure to engage with the state’s industrial relations machinery and implement the Labour Court recommendation. Continue reading

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HSCT must bring forward genuine consultation with communities threatened by medical imaging review process

Gareth ScottOne day public notice of consultation event is wholly inadequate and has left local community bewildered and concerned

HSCT needs to organise a properly publicised consultation event in New Year in a neutral and appropriate venue such as the Lakeland Forum

Gareth Scott, Unite Industrial officer with responsibility for the health sector in the Western Health & Social Care Trust area was highly critical of the Health & Social Care Trust consultation as part of its Review on Medical Imaging:

“The HSCT launched its public consultation into medical imaging on October 26th and local health campaigners from across the trade union movement in Fermanagh expressed their concern that of the impact of a ‘strategic framework review’ which openly discussed the need to withdraw MRI, X-ray and CT scan facilities to a number of ‘hub’ facilities.

“The loss of such services from SWAH would pose particular concerns and would undermine the provision of full specialisms in the hospital. It would also exacerbate the rural isolation experienced by those suffering from conditions needing medical imaging. As such, there are deeply-held and widespread concerns over this review in Fermanagh. Continue reading

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Unite workforce delegation meet Bombardier Chief Executive in Montreal to discuss impact of protectionist tariffs on C Series

IMG_4734Engagement comes after a day of inter-union meetings between Unite representatives and UNIFOR which represents Canadian workers in Bombardier and across supply chain companies

Following meeting, Unite delegation will head to Washington DC to highlight impact of 300% C Series tariffs for Northern Ireland workers

A Unite delegation representing Bombardier workers in Northern Ireland which arrived in Montreal on Sunday [December 10th] will be leaving to go to Washington D.C. after two days of meetings with trade union representatives of Canadian co-workers, Bombardier corporate management and leading politicians. Earlier today the delegation met with the Chief Executive of Bombardier Alain Bellemare.

The whirlwind lobbying push seeks to safeguard Northern Ireland jobs ahead of the US Department of Commerce’s final determination on whether to slap tariffs of 300 per cent on Bombardier C-series passenger jets. The second leg which will start as soon as they arrive in Washington DC as the delegation head to Capitol Hill to call on US politicians and the Department of Commerce to drop the threat of ‘crushing’ tariffs on C-series planes and determine that Boeing’s case is without merit.

While in Washington, the Unite delegation also expects to enlist the support of the European Union and the Irish and the UK ambassadors to the US. Continue reading

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Workers maintaining roads and water courses are being denied fair holiday pay

unite-white-out-of-redUnite questions whether failure to address payments irregularity is due to absence of an Executive Minister

At least one thousand workers across Roads Service, Rivers Agency and Forestry Service denied holiday pay based on Working Time Regulations act

December 13th: Gareth Scott, Unite Industrial officer with responsibility for the union’s industrial civil service membership in Transport NI (Roads Service), Rivers Agency, Forestry Service and other agencies highlighted his memberships’ concerns:

“The Working Time Regulations act (1998) established that holiday entitlement must be calculated on the basis of total pay rather than the basic wage – as such, holiday pay should factor in overtime, shift allowance, weekend allowances as well. A comprehensive body of precedent and case law has built up over the past twenty years meaning that most workplaces now recognise this situation as the norm.

“Unfortunately, workers in the industrial civil service still receive holiday pay based only on their basic wage. This is a completely unacceptable situation and we are encouraging our members to take a collective grievance on this issue so that we can force this to resolution. Continue reading

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