Unite puts Moy Park management on notice over increased use of minimum wage agency workers

SMcKChief Executive Janet McCollum refuses to meet with union to address pay concerns and her support for Pilgrim’s Pride takeover 

Moy Park £41 million profit must be used to end scourge of poverty pay and deliver an inflation-busting pay increase for all workers

Unite Regional Officer for Moy Park, Sean McKeever, reiterated his union’s demand for a meeting with Chief Executive Janet McCollum over concerns that poverty pay is extending through the workforce with the recruitment of hundreds more agency workers on the minimum wage:

“Moy Park is the largest employer in Northern Ireland and Unite represents the majority of their workers. We have now repeatedly sought meetings with the Chief Executive Janet McCollum over our concerns.  

“When the Pilgrim’s Pride buy-out was announced, Janet McCollum publicly welcomed it despite the fact that this corporation – renowned as the most exploitative employer in the US meatpacking industry – openly boasted that they would seek to deliver $50 million in ‘efficiencies’ from the Moy Park group. Our members know what capitalists mean when they say efficiencies, that’s management-speak for ‘speed-up’, degraded terms and conditions, lower pay and layoffs.   Continue reading

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Union fears that Prime Minister Theresa May’s Canada visit is a missed opportunity

Unite 007Unite to continue active schedule of meetings with political and trade union leaders in pursuit of resolution to threat hanging over Belfast jobs

September 19th: Jimmy Kelly, Unite Regional Secretary, criticised the response of both the Prime Minister to the threat hanging over thousands of jobs at Bombardier in Belfast and reiterated

“Boeing’s legal case alleging that Bombardier has used state-aid to subsidise anti-competitive pricing poses a serious threat to Northern Ireland’s industrial base. In addition to the 4,500 workers directly employed by Bombardier in Belfast, this case threatens tens of thousands of jobs in the broader economy, both in the services sector sustained by the workforce’s wage bill of £400 million a year and in the hundreds of companies who form part of its extended supply network. Continue reading

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Moy Park profits must benefit workforce and ensure future employment sustainability

SMcK2016 Profits of meat packer amount to £41 million on turnover of £1.4 billion  

Unite call for an across the board inflation-busting pay increase and an end to Poverty pay

September 18th: Unite Regional Officer for Moy Park, Sean McKeever, called on management to share its success with all the members of its workforce.

“This is a strong set of results for Moy Park and underpins confidence in its future success.

“Management now need to ensure that the surplus that has been generated by the workers is shared with them fairly. A step-change on pay is the only way that they will be able to sustain the skills base necessary for future success. Continue reading

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Unite General Secretary Len McCluskey pledges to raise issue of Boeing’s failure to engage Canadian government with sister unions

jimmy-and-len1The government, DUP and Sinn Fein must step up to defend right to invest in vital manufacturing sector and fully use their leverage to defend Belfast jobs 

September 18th: Unite the union’s General Secretary Len McCluskey added his support to Bombardier’s Belfast workforce:

“Unite’s focus throughout this has been to stand on the side of the workers threatened by Boeing’s predatory behaviour. At base it is ordinary workers who risk being the collateral damage in what is an increasingly dirty row between two giant corporations over market share.

“My union stands in full solidarity with the workforce in Belfast. Personally I will be contacting our sister unions in Canada to ask for their assistance in pressing Boeing to meet with the Canadian government on these very serious matters”, Mr McCluskey said.

Jimmy Kelly, Unite Regional Secretary for Ireland, called on politicians in Belfast and London to rigorously defend the right of government bodies to provide support to local manufacturers:

“Boeing has sought to portray the loan support provided by the UK government as illegal state-aid and anti-competitive. Unite is calling for a clear message to go out from all sides of government that the support to Bombardier was entirely legal and appropriate. Continue reading

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Management must work with union to mitigate impact of latest Bombardier jobs blow

Unite 041Plans for ninety-five redundancies in core workforce confirmed

Separately, Unite meet DUP leader, Arlene Foster, to seek to leverage Boeing over its legal threat to Bombardier’s CSeries

September 15th: Davy Thompson, Unite Regional Coordinating Officer, responded to news that Bombardier would be seeking ninety-five redundancies among the workforce.

“We are very disappointed with this news. This is another blow to the Bombardier workforce in Belfast and comes in the wake of wider concerns over the ongoing trade dispute with Boeing. The rationale offered by management is that this has been brought about by the outsourcing of IT and the need to reduce staff in functional areas. We do not agree with their case and we are calling on them to lift the threat of redundancies at this time”, Mr Thompson said. Continue reading

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