Bombardier agreement with Airbus on joint ownership of C Series Aircraft is a welcome development

Unite 041Airbus to acquire a majority shareholding in C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership

Union assured deal will guarantee jobs in C Series production in Northern Ireland

October 17th: Davy Thompson, Unite Regional Coordinating Officer, welcomed news that Bombardier had agreed a deal with Airbus in regard to the ownership of the C Series aircraft:

“Under this deal, Airbus will acquire a majority shareholding in Bombardier’s C Series Aircraft Limited Partnership, the entity that manufacturers and sells the C Series. We have received assurances that this will mean that employment associated with the manufacture of C Series wings will remain in Northern Ireland. Continue reading

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Swissport lockout threat at Belfast City Airport has potential to escalate industrial dispute in UK

George BrashManagement threaten workers with a lockout if they participate in legitimate and legal strike action

Regional Officer confident Unite National Negotiating Committee will take resolute action in solidarity with Belfast workforce

October 12th: Expressing his union’s outrage at the threat by management at Swissport to lock out Oxctover employees, including baggage-handlers taking part in planned strike action commencing Monday October 23rd, Unite Regional Industrial Officer, George Brash said:

“Swissport management has issued a communication threatening to lock out any member of staff taking part in the planned industrial action. This unscrupulous employer appears to believe that such a draconian measure will intimidate workers by punishing them for their participation in what is entirely legitimate and lawful industrial action.
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Health Department reversal on £70 million Health Trust cuts is a victory for those who care about our NHS

Unite Conference 106

Department’s latest climb-down was won by a powerful coalition of trade unions and communities standing together

Health Department leadership must now initiate a grown-up dialogue about reshaping services based on genuine partnership not sham consultation

October 11th: Kevin McAdam, Regional Officer for Unite welcomed the announcement by Health & Social Care Northern Ireland that a further £40 million in funding was to be made available leading to proposals that would have seen devastating cuts to frontline health services to meet a £70 million budget reduction being shelved.

“This afternoon’s announcement reflects that the proposed cuts were necessitated by a spurious budget reduction. Their impact and consequences were completely untenable from a medical perspective and would have had a devastating impact on the most vulnerable. This latest u-turn by the Department is a victory won by the trade unionists and communities up and down the country who mobilised in defence of their local Health and Social Care services.

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Unambitious Budget offers little for working people

unite-white-out-of-redCombined tax package will disproportionately benefit better-off

October 10th: In an initial response to what he termed today’s ‘unambitious Budget’, Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly criticised the over-reliance on tax and USC cuts which, he said, disproportionately benefited the better off while doing little to raise living standards across the board.

“Today Minister Donohoe announced a Budget with neither vision nor ambition: a budget designed to offend no-one while achieving little.

“As a result of the changes to tax and USC, most people will only be better off to the tune of a few litres of milk and a couple of loaves of bread per week – yet every Euro lost to the Exchequer in tax cuts is a Euro less for the public services on which we all depend”, Mr Kelly said.

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Flash stoppages by baggage handlers confirmed at Belfast City Airport

George BrashUnite serves Swissport with notice of industrial action plans commencing Monday October 23rd

Swissport management must act now to avoid disruption to travelling public

Confirming that his union had served notice to Swissport of the times and dates of planned flash stoppages by employees, including baggage-handlers, Unite Regional Industrial Officer, George Brash said:

“The failure of Swissport management to take seriously the concerns of its workforce over their anti-union actions has left Unite with no alternative but to confirm industrial action at Belfast City Airport starting from Monday October 23rd. The action planned will involve a continuous work-to-rule alongside daily flash stoppages.  Continue reading

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