Win for Mechanical Workers as new SEO signed


unite-white-out-of-redNew rates come into force this week 

Unite pledges to continue travel fight

March 9th: Unite has welcomed the new Sectoral Employment Order (SEO) signed this week, which governs the terms and conditions, including pensions, of mechanical workers in the construction industry, under the terms of which mechanical workers will receive €23.60 per hour.  Unite pledged to build on the achievement by working to ensure that travel payments for mechanical workers are enshrined in future SEOs.

Commenting, Unite Regional Officer Tom Fitzgerald said:

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Department move to open Belfast bus lanes will compromise public transport in city

pe_00694871Unite to engage with membership on response to threat to both BRT project and City bus services

Unelected Department officials appear more concerned with appeasing private taxi lobby than with defending public transport provision

March 9th: Responding to reports that the Department of Infrastructure had written to objectors to the twelve hour operation of BRT bus lanes in an attempt to ‘buy them off’ by opening all bus routes throughout the city to Class A taxis, Unite Regional Officer Davy Thompson said:

“This is a shocking revelation. More than £100 million has been spent on the BRT project and now because of an organised lobby of private taxi operators the integrity of this investment is to be cast aside. It is imperative for the success of this project, and to deliver the step-change we need to public transport provision in our city, that only buses be allowed to access the dedicated BRT bus lanes. Continue reading

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Moy Park and Tayto on list of employers fined for failing to pay their workforce the legal minimum

SMcK338 employees at Moy Park denied minimum pay do not work at Unite sites but union seeks urgent meeting with CEO for explanation

Wealthy Hutchinson family must answer why their company, Tayto, has had to be fined to pay their workers the legal minimum

March 9th: Unite Regional Officer with responsibility for workers in the agri-food sector, Sean McKeever, responded to revelations that two of Northern Ireland’s largest businesses in the sector were on a list of 179 UK businesses which had been fined over their failure to pay workers the minimum wage:

“A number of Northern Ireland companies are included on a list published by the UK government of 179 employers who have been found guilty of underpaying more than 9,000 minimum wage workers by a total of £1.1 million. Unfortunately Northern Ireland appears to be disproportionately represented – primarily as a result of the inclusion of both Moy Park and Tayto, two of our most prominent agri-food employers. Continue reading

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Women in Northern Ireland continue to be denied rights and protections afforded to women in all other parts of UK

pe_00694840Westminster must legislate to extend gender pay gap disclosure duty to employers in Northern Ireland

March 8th: Speaking on International Women’s Day, Unite Regional Women’s & Equalities Officer, Taryn Trainor, called on Westminster to legislate to vindicate the rights and protections of women in Northern Ireland:

“As a result of legislation passed last year, employers with more than 250 staff in England, Scotland and Wales are required under law to annually publish their gender pay gap figures. The first set of returns are due by April of this year but the more than 1,500 which have already been submitted show that just more than three quarters pay female employees less than their male colleagues.

“These statistics are of vital importance in the campaign to secure gender pay equality. The absence of a duty on employers in Northern Ireland to provide this information leaves women here disadvantaged in challenging those who continue to pay women less. Continue reading

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Working women travelling for abortion on International Women’s Day 

unite-white-out-of-redUnite campaign for Repeal will be informed by ground-breaking workplace survey

March 8th: Trade union Unite, which represents working women in all sectors, today (International Women’s Day) said that its campaign for a ‘Yes’ vote in the forthcoming referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment will be informed by the ground-breaking survey Abortion as a Workplace Issue published last November.

Pointing out that International Women’s Day, like every other day, will see working women travel to Britain for an abortion, Unite’s Regional Women’s Officer Taryn Trainor said that repeal of the Eighth Amendment, followed by appropriate legislation, is of particular importance for working class women, as well as migrants and people with disabilities, who are precluded from travelling for financial or other reasons.

Speaking ahead of this evening’s March to Repeal the 8th, Ms Trainor said:

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