Unite Chefs Ireland

unite-white-out-of-redCalling all chefs …

Unite has been approached by a number of chefs concerned at poor terms and conditions in the sector – low pay, long and irregular hours, precarious work, difficult working environments and health, safety and welfare issues. 

Already over 1,000 of you have come together in a closed Facebook group to start discussing these issues and how best to address them collectively. 

The next step is to join Unite.  Density – the number of members in any given sector or workplace – is crucial to trade union organising.  We are now in a dedicated recruitment period for chefs, and that will run until 23 June 2016.

Click here to download some information on becoming a member of Unite, and here to download an application form.  Alternatively, just fill out the contact form below, and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

After 23 June we will assess how many of you have joined and where your locations – both geographically and workplace – are. We will then start developing an organisational and strategic campaign designed to improve members’ terms and conditions.  This will involve drawing up a list of the employment issues that need to be addressed across the sector as well as electing members’ representatives to engage both with the relevant Unite official and with the employers.

Remember – we will not deduct any membership dues until there are enough members to organise effectively.

Two years ago, Unite was approached by a group of archaeologists with similar problems.  We helped them organise themselves – and Unite Archaeology now represents almost all commercial archaeologists in Ireland.  They’ve already ensured that no employer in the sector pays below the Living Wage – meaning that the lowest paid workers benefited by a staggering 320.00 per month.  And now Unite Archaeology is working to secure a Sectoral Employment Order which will regulate pay and conditions for all archaeologists.

That’s just one example of what workers can achieve when they come together, organise, and avail of Unite’s expertise and support. And now we want to help chefs organise themselves to improve their conditions.