Unions to continue campaign to defend health service and secure decent pay

Handsoff logoAgreement on a range of industrial actions in period commencing Monday, April 27th

Unite health representatives meet tomorrow (Wednesday 22nd April) to agree strategy of industrial action

April 21st: Unite National Officer with responsibility for health, Kevin McAdam confirmed that all health unions have agreed to take forward coordinated industrial action:

“All unions were agreed that healthcare workers are outraged at the failure of the DHSSPS to respond to the need for a fair and equitable pay rise. The 2014/2015 imposition of a non-consolidated pay rise has alarmed staff. Furthermore, the absence of any offer for 2015/2016 has caused anxiety for already under-pressure staff. Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK not to have received an offer of a pay rise.

“Trade unions representing staff in the health service in Northern Ireland agreed today (Tuesday 21st April) to continue the campaign of action to defend services and secure a decent pay rise for health workers.

“Several trade unions will take forward industrial action in the two-week period from 27 April to 12 May. Actions will include work stoppages, overtime bans, taking official breaks and a demand for payment of all excess hours worked. These actions will be rolled out across all HSC employers.

“Investing in staff and ensuring decent pay means staff being able to deliver a health service fit for the demands of the 21st century.

“Unite healthcare representatives will be meeting tomorrow to decide the next steps forward for our campaign for fair pay and adequate funding in the health service”, Mr McAdam concluded.

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