Statement on sectarianism issued by Unite Youth Committee

Young Members Logo11-3445Young trade union activists warn that working class communities will bear brunt of deepening sectarianism

November 5th: The Regional Youth Committee of trade union Unite today published a statement warning that working class communities in Northern Ireland will bear the brunt of deepening sectarianism.  In the statement, the Committee points out that the overwhelming majority of people in both communities are absolutely opposed to any return to the dark days of the past.

The statement notes that: “The trade union movement – which unites workers from all traditions, and is larger than any divisive organisation – has the power to give this often-silent majority a voice and turn the tide against sectarianism, as was demonstrated time and again over decades of conflict”.

The statement also restates Unite’s unwavering commitment to supporting members who challenge sectarianism.

Commenting, Unite Youth Committee activist Daniel Waldron said: “Young people today have seen little of the promised ‘peace dividend’ – instead, we face mass unemployment and attacks on education. Now, the threat of sectarianism is raising its head again. We have to stand united and send a clear message that we will not accept this as our future”.

Welcoming the Youth Committee’s statement, Unite Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly said:  “By fighting together for a decent future, we can break down the barriers in our society and deliver a real ‘peace dividend’ for workers, young people, pensioners and the unemployed. Unite is committed to the struggle for a society free from sectarian division.”

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