Unite statement and correction regarding Premier Periclase and Bord Gais

January 24th 2022: On December 19th 2021 Unite issued a press statement regarding the situation of Premier Periclase, which is currently in examinership.  In that statement, Unite erroneously claimed that the company’s financial situation had been “worsened by the intransigence of Bord Gais”, and further claimed that Bord Gais was “threatening to turn off the gas tap in weeks unless the company makes a substantial payment to defray a €2.5 million gas bill”.

Unite now accepts that this statement was incorrect.  In fact, Bord Gais are currently supplying gas to the Company, notwithstanding the very substantial sums owing to them. Furthermore, Unite recognises that Bord Gais has been engaging constructively with the Examiner in respect of relevant matters.

Unite wishes to apologise unreservedly for the errors in our statement, and for any reputational damage which may have accrued to Bord Gais as a result.

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