Burke Shipping Services workers striking today

Low-paid essential workers seek pay parity with rest of sector

Unite members working for Burke Shipping Services are taking strike action today (Friday) in pursuit of a pay increase to bring them into line with comparable workers in the sector.  Workers will take strike action again on Monday 29 November.  Burke Shipping Services is owned by the Fane Valley Cooperative.

Commenting, Unite Regional Officer Gareth Scott said:

“Our members have worked throughout the pandemic, performing essential work ranging from stevedoring to warehousing, and ensuring the smooth movement of goods.

“Yet the company has refused to engage meaningfully with us regarding our claim for a wage increase that would bring our members’ pay into line with the rest of the sector.

“Our members have been standing strong on a cold and snowy picket line since early this morning, and will be taking strike action again on Monday.  They have been heartened by the solidarity shown by other workers in the area, who know that a win for one group of workers will be a win for all workers.

“Neither Burke Shipping Services management, nor their parent company, the Fane Valley Cooperative, should be in any doubt regarding our members’ determination to secure a pay increase which reflects the essential work they perform.

“The company can resolve this dispute coming back to the table and making our members a realistic offer”, Mr Scott concluded.

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