A thousand workers walkout at Moy Park site at Seagoe in Portadown after company profits are put before safety

Sean McKeeverUnite proposals to secure health and safety protections rejected by bosses, leads to spontaneous walk out by workers
Sean McKeever, Unite Regional Officer confirmed that there had been a mass walkout of workers at Moy Park at Seagoe, Portadown:
“Up to one thousand workers have walked out of the Seagoe Moy Park site in Portadown. This follows the failure of the biggest employer in Northern Ireland to provide basic health and safety protections to its workforce.
“Unite attempted to secure commitments to ensure a minimum two metre social distancing between workers and other measures to enable infection control in the face of the Coronavirus threat but our proposals were dismissed by management.
“Workers are refusing to return to work in unsafe conditions. This is an entirely foreseeable outcome of both management greed and total inaction from Stormont. 

“We need to see immediate movement from management to address the workers’ legitimate fears over Coronavirus transmission – there cannot be any two-tier approach to health and safety in workplaces. Food production workers will not be treated as second-class”, Mr McKeever said.
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5 Responses to A thousand workers walkout at Moy Park site at Seagoe in Portadown after company profits are put before safety

  1. Denis says:

    All this company cares about is profits over people. They should be ashamed of themselves 😡

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  4. Elaine says:

    Brown brothers is another company that needs looked into. 25% from each department put on furlough…is this because these workers wanted social distancing and weren’t happy working shoulder to shoulder with colleagues . Or even worse their way of getting back at us because there has been a few negative posts put up.

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