Unite to ballot membership working in Hovis on significantly improved pay offer

Sean McKeeverShop stewards suspend pending all-out strike action planned to commence Friday after company makes new offer

Sean McKeever, Unite Regional Officer, confirmed that his union would be balloting members on a fresh pay offer made by the company’s management in the face of all-out strike action.

“Strike action is always a last resort for workers and our union. Unfortunately we were left with no alternative but to proceed with plans for all-out strike action as a result of the total failure of Hovis bosses to take seriously our members’ pay expectations. The workforce had sought a decent pay uplift but were offered only 3.2 percent by management despite the negotiations going through mediation at the LRA.

“In light of the significantly improved pay offer made by management today, our team of shop stewards have agreed to suspend the action  planned to commence at a minute past midnight on Friday [January 24th]. We will now proceed to ballot our members on the offer and are hoping to announce their response and next steps within a week”, Mr McKeever concluded.

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