Metro Bus drivers urge pedestrians to think road safety this Christmas

unite-white-out-of-redDecember 20th: Chair of Unite’s membership among Metro Bus drivers, Michael Dornan, called on the public to consider their safety on the streets and pedestrian crossings in Belfast over the Christmas period:

“The days immediately after the schools close for the Winter holidays are the peak period for shoppers on the streets of Belfast. Amidst the bustle and urgency in buying that special gift for a loved one it is important that everyone remembers the dangers of road traffic accidents.

“Metro drivers are determined to keep our roads safe but at times it can be very difficult. The situation always gets much worse after schools close in the run up to Christmas as the numbers of shoppers and revellers surge with many out in the city who may not be used to the heavy traffic.

“Many, especially young people, are apparently oblivious to the dangers especially from pedestrian crossings. Our drivers do their best to avert accidents but we need pedestrians to do their part as well.

“I urge pedestrians to remember basic road safety rules. If you are listening to music or radio on earpieces take a break while crossing roads so you can hear approaching traffic. Also don’t run across roads which are likely to be very busy. Use the pedestrian crossings – waiting for the green light will only take a few seconds – an unnecessary accident would mean a lot longer delay and that’s if you are lucky.

“All the drivers at Metro bus want to ensure the travelling public have a great Christmas. We are calling on everyone to remember basic road safety rules while you are enjoying your day in Belfast”, Mr Dornan finished.

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