Mint workers to take action following Central Bank refusal to engage on pay claim

unite-white-out-of-redTechnicians’ action starts Monday, set to escalate in July in absence of resolution

June 27th: Members of Unite and the TEEU working in the Central Bank Mint base in Sandyford will start a work-to-rule on Monday June 27th following the Bank’s refusal to engage meaningfully on a pay claim. In the absence of a resolution, union members have voted to hold one-day strikes on July 11th and July 12th, with an all-out strike commencing on July 18th.  The dispute involves a total of nine workers.

Explaining the background to the dispute, Unite Regional Officer Willie Quigley said:

“Unite and the TEEU represent technicians working in the Sandyford mint base, and for some time we have been seeking to engage with management regarding a pay claim for existing staff and an improvement in the entry terms for new technicians.

“The refusal of Central Bank management to engage meaningfully with us on our claim caused a lot of frustration, and our members felt they had not much alternative other than go the industrial action route.  Our members will start a work-to-rule on Monday, and have voted to escalate the action in July if no resolution to this dispute is achieved”, Willie Quigley said.

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