SP Graham Ltd workers overwhelmingly reject management pay offer; strike remains set for Tuesday and Friday

DMM1Strike action will take at SP Graham Ltd outlets across Northern Ireland during Cheltenham festival

Workers report strong support for industrial action for Living Wage among regular punters

March 13th: Davy McMurray, Unite officer with responsibility for the union’s membership in SP Graham Ltd confirmed his union’s members overwhelmingly rejected (voting with a majority of 88%) a management pay offer which would leave them earning just nine pence more than the bare legal minimum:
“As previously agreed, we convened a meeting of our members today to consider the final pay offer made by S.P. Graham Ltd at the Labour Relations Agency.

“At a very well attended meeting, with considerably more than half our members present, workers voted with a majority of 88% to reject the management pay offer. Strike action set for Tuesday and Friday will now proceed.

“The management offer would have left workers earning only nine pence per hour more than the lowest wage legally payable after April of this year.

“Our demand for SP Graham to become a Living Wage employer has been very positively received by the public. Our members have been buoyed by the support received from regular punters who say they will be boycotting the company in support of the staff. We are receiving membership applications from SP Graham Ltd offices across the whole of Ireland, north and south, reflecting the strength of feeling among staff over the issue of poverty pay.

“As a whole, the bookmaking industry is a multi-million pound sector whose huge profits are sustained by the efforts of workers expected to live on rock bottom wages. Our members in SP Graham Ltd are showing how, by standing together, workers can force employers to pay a Living Wage for all.

“Even at this late stage it is not too late for management to avert strike action, we call on SP Graham Ltd to commit to becoming a fully-accredited Living Wage employer”, Mr McMurray concluded.

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2 Responses to SP Graham Ltd workers overwhelmingly reject management pay offer; strike remains set for Tuesday and Friday

  1. Martin mccann says:

    I work in Sean graham and If this strike ends up in the long run with sp graham’s closing certain shops causing job losses I hold the union responsible

    • SP Graham Ltd is a highly profitable company operating in a multi-billion pound industry. They will have to pay a rate in excess of what we’re seeking this year by next April in any case. They could take the lead in paying their workers a Living Wage – and gain greater market share.

      The workforce has not brought this action forward – they have been forced into this by management intransigence. They completely refuse to offer anything above their current offer of just nine pence above the bare legal minimum. They are refusing to meet with us to discuss a better offer and they have not responded to our request that they justify their ‘inability to pay’ by opening their accounts to scrutiny by workers’ representatives.

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