Irish Life: Unite members to decide next steps as workers ‘swipe out’ in fourth stoppage

unite-white-out-of-redUnion warns management intransigence forcing escalation of month-old dispute

November 26th: Unite today announced that it has convened meetings of union members in insurance giant Irish Life to determine the next steps in their industrial action.  The announcement came as up to 1,200 members in Dublin and Dundalk downed tools and ‘swiped out’ in a fourth two-hour stoppage.

The dispute centres on Irish Life’s unilateral imposition of a new pay model which breaks the link between pay and profits, and between pay and inflation, and has become entrenched as a result of the company’s refusal to attend the Labour Court in respect of all its workers.

Commenting on the decision to convene members’ meetings to consider further steps, Unite Regional Officer Maeve Brehony said:

“The company’s intransigence may end up forcing an escalation of this month-long dispute.  Our members have helped make Irish Life the respected and profitable company it is today.  They are not prepared to accept a situation where management unilaterally imposes a new pay model while deciding that it will negotiate collectively with some workers but not with others.

“Our members will be meeting in Dublin on November 30th and in Dundalk on December 1st to determine the next steps in this industrial action.  The resolution of this dispute is in the company’s hands.  If it persists in substituting unilateral dictates for collective negotiation, an escalation in this dispute is inevitable”, Ms Brehony warned.

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