’50 Cuts too Far’ will cost jobs, postpone recovery and cause increased hardship

centsUnite issues list of Budget 2014 cuts

As the dust settles on Budget 2014, trade union Unite has issued a list of what it terms ’50 Cuts too Far’ which, taken together, will take more money out of households and communities.

“The list of cuts compiled by Unite is by no means exhaustive:  many ‘below-the-radar’ cuts will only become apparent in the coming weeks and months, as has been the case with previous austerity Budgets”, according to Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly.

“What this list does show is that, once again, low and middle income families have been targeted, and many will suffer the cumulative effect of cuts in successive budgets – and multiple cuts in this budget.

“For example, someone who is made redundant will no longer be able to avail of top-slicing relief on a redundancy lump sum – and they will also not be able to get Mortgage Interest Supplement.  If they have a large family, their Child Benefit will be cut – and they will also be liable for increased prescription fees and other increased charges, depending on their individual family circumstances.

“And the final irony is that as a result of this Budget, which Unite estimates will cost something in the region of 25,000 jobs, they will find it that much more difficult to get employment again.

“The tragedy of Budget 2014 is that there were alternatives – alternatives which would have improved social outcomes and economic growth”, Jimmy Kelly concluded.

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5 Responses to ’50 Cuts too Far’ will cost jobs, postpone recovery and cause increased hardship

  1. Manus Bree says:

    In addition the Local & Community Development Programme budget was reduced from 49 million to 48 million (-2%). This is a reduction from 84.7 million in 2008 (-43%).

    Community and Rural Development
    Minister Hogan also said that, in allocating resources, he was particularly conscious of the need to support funding levels for the Local and Community Development Programme.
    “Given the current economic crisis and the high level of unemployment, the Local and Community Development Programme is more relevant than ever as it creates employment and gives those most distant from the labour market the skills to access training and jobs. The Programme provides employment, training, personal development/capacity building and other supports for the harder to reach in the most disadvantaged areas in society. €48 million will be invested in 2014 to increase access to formal and informal educational activities and resources, and to increase people’s work readiness and employment prospects.” he said.
    Some 14,000 people who are distanced from the labour market will receive direct one-to one labour market training and supports through the Progamme in 2014. A revised Programme, due to be operational from July 2014, will take account of the new aligned structure between local development groups and local government.

  2. Many thanks for that, Manus …

  3. just a quick point
    people on disability allowance have also had the telephone allowance removed

  4. Thanks Michael – should have clarified that Household Benefits Package applies to those on Disability, Invalidity, Widows/Widowers and Blind Person’s pensions, in addition to full-time carers.

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