NIC-ICTU biennial delegates’ conference backs Unite proposal to bring Energy sector back into local ownership and accountability

JK picConference also endorses call for a British-Irish rail interconnector and rail electrification

April 12th: Speaking after the Northern Ireland Committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions Biennial Delegates’ Conference in Derry/Londonderry endorsed his union’s radical economic proposals, Jimmy Kelly, Ireland Secretary of Unite, welcomed the decision:

“Unite’s membership has borne the brunt of the widespread job losses across Northern Ireland’s manufacturing sector. The Northern Ireland Executive must respond by bringing forward large-scale strategic investment to underpin future competitiveness and growth.

“We sought the return of the energy sector to local ownership and accountability in order to lower energy supply costs which are currently crippling our manufacturers. We demanded investment in the Green Economy targeted on opportunities for wind, wave and tidal generating capacity. We called on the Northern Ireland Executive to extend the rail network, electrify the system and bring forward plans for a British-Irish rail interconnector within a twenty-year timeframe.

“These proposals would help address high energy and freight costs, and safeguard jobs in Manufacturing by positioning Northern Ireland for the increasingly challenging and competitive global economy of the Twentieth First Century. Conference today has sent out a resounding demand that Northern Ireland’s political leadership step up to the plate and show real ambition for our economy and workers”, Mr Kelly concluded.

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