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Universal Credit causing misery and hardship for families in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland households claiming the new all-in-one benefit, Universal Credit are being plunged into misery and hardship Westminster government must stop the roll out of Universal Credit before even more families are forced into poverty 23rd May: As part of … Continue reading

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Northern Ireland political representatives must support a form of customs union to avoid a damaging hard border

North-South or East-West hard border unavoidable if UK does not retain a customs union arrangement with EU Given binding backstop already agreed, a vote against a customs union is a vote for a hard sea border between NI and GB … Continue reading

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Political failure means Northern Ireland risks missing out on Heathrow hubs investment

Heathrow long-list of 65 locations, includes six in Northern Ireland, for off-site hub as part of £16 billion airport development project Scottish government has secured hub site for Scotland to create 16,000 jobs – Northern Ireland must get its fair … Continue reading

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Women in Northern Ireland continue to be denied rights and protections afforded to women in all other parts of UK

Westminster must legislate to extend gender pay gap disclosure duty to employers in Northern Ireland March 8th: Speaking on International Women’s Day, Unite Regional Women’s & Equalities Officer, Taryn Trainor, called on Westminster to legislate to vindicate the rights and … Continue reading

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Workers maintaining roads and water courses are being denied fair holiday pay

Unite questions whether failure to address payments irregularity is due to absence of an Executive Minister At least one thousand workers across Roads Service, Rivers Agency and Forestry Service denied holiday pay based on Working Time Regulations act December 13th: … Continue reading

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