Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council must rethink plans to slash staff wages on furlough

img_5560In a Joint Statement, NIPSA, UNITE and GMB condemn plans forced through in secret at special council meeting

Alan Law, on behalf of NIPSA said: “council officers assured the Trade Unions that plans to furlough staff would be at 100% of normal pay and advised the unions that Councillors agreed with these plans. It is absolutely disgraceful that this decision was taken and is utterly opposed by NIPSA.”

Alan Perry, on behalf of GMB added “this appalling decision by councillors is another example of how they view the staff of this council. To force a pay cut on some of the lowest paid workers isn’t acceptable when themselves still receive full pay and expenses. GMB strongly opposes this decision.”

Unite Regional Officer, Gareth Scott said, “this is a disgraceful approach by Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council to cut the pay of some of the lowest paid workers is a new low. This approach is not being taken by other councils and is totally unacceptable and the unions will be challenging the decision in every way possible. Under the Job Retention Scheme the employer requires the agreement of the employees, as such the Councillors are actually threatening the chance to draw down this 80% funding from central Government.”

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