Strike action paused at Allied Bakeries for ballot after company makes improved pay offer

Susan Fitzgerald RCOWorkforce will now be balloted on new offer by Unite and BFAWU 

Susan Fitzgerald, Regional Coordinating Officer for Unite, commended Allied Bakeries’ workers on a powerful strike which secured an improved pay offer from bosses. The pay increase will now be taken to the workforce in a ballot which will decide whether it is sufficient to end the strike action.

“Today’s action by Allied Bakeries workers was one of the most determined that we have witnessed anywhere in Northern Ireland in many years and brought production on he site to a grinding halt. Management were left in no doubt about the strength of workers’ resolution to win a fair pay increase.

“As a direct result of this powerful and effective strike action which saw delivery vehicles forced to reverse after hours of unsuccessful attempts at passing pickets, an improved pay offer was made. The workforce reps in both Unite and BFAWU will now ballot their members, who will have the final say on this offer.

“Today has once again demonstrated the ability of workers to win improvements when they get organised and take action”, Ms Fitzgerald said.

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