Wrightbus recruitment freeze latest blow to Ballymena and NI Manufacturing sector

Joanne McWilliamsFailure of NI Executive parties to agree to stand-alone Industrial Strategy in context of Brexit leaves manufacturing workforce facing uncertainty

Unite seeking urgent meeting with Wrightbus management on long-term implications of move

August 24th: Unite Regional Officer, Joanne McWilliams, who represents the union’s workforce at Wrightbus expressed her concerns at the recent announcement by management at the company:

“The announcement by Wrightbus management that they will impose an immediate freeze on recruitment heightens uncertainty among our membership and the wider workforce.

“This is particularly concerning given the recent closure notices in both JTI-Gallaher and Michelin – resulting in almost two thousand direct job losses in the local economy.

“The failure of the Northern Ireland Executive to adopt a stand-alone Industrial Strategy means that our manufacturing workforce is exposed to the full headwinds of Brexit and continued global economic turbulence.

“Towns like Ballymena risk being allowed to become post-industrial unemployment hotspots as Stormont stands idly by. The announcement by Prime Minister May that she will be promoting a strategic approach to industrial development demonstrates the value of this approach. It is now essential that the Executive parties reconsider their position on adopting an industrial strategy for Northern Ireland.

“Unite is concerned at the manner in which this announcement was made. We have requested an urgent meeting with management to discuss the long-term implications of this announcement”, Ms McWilliams concluded.

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