Incoming DUP Health Minister must address concerns of healthcare staff

Health BannerUnions waiting more than a month to see Minister Hamilton

Northern Ireland now only part of UK where workers have not received a recommended one percent pay increase

October 21st: Unite Regional Officer, Kevin McAdam, has called on Simon Hamilton to prioritise meeting unions representing healthcare staff and address their concerns:

“Representatives of the Healthcare workforce are united in our call for the newly returned health minister to address the outstanding pay claim for staff across the health service in Northern Ireland. It is over a month since he was due to meet trade unions and we now expect him to prioritise our meeting and address the needs of our 60,000 members.

“It is high time to focus on the real issues that impact on all the people of Northern Ireland. He must return to his desk and fulfil his responsibilities: like providing a decent wage for hard work dedicated staff.

“NHS professionals in Northern Ireland are the only ones in the UK still waiting for the one percent increase recommended by the Independent Pay Body for the 2014/15 tax year. We haven’t even received a response from the Minister to the pay claim for the current year. The result is that healthcare workers in Northern Ireland have witnessed their incomes decline in real terms by 15 per cent since 2010.

“There is huge loyalty to the NHS but healthcare professionals are walking away in their droves because they can no longer afford to work for the health service or take the mounting work pressures caused by ever greater cutbacks and recruitment freezes”, Mr McAdam concluded.

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