NI health workers threatened with net pay cut

unite white out of redUnite to consider industrial action over NHS pay recommendation

Derisory offer bad for workers and bad for NI economy says union official

March 13th: Responding this morning to the NHS Pay Review Body’s recommendation that NHS workers in Northern Ireland receive a below-inflation pay increase of one per cent – amounting to a net pay cut –  Unite Regional Officer for Health, Kevin McAdam, termed the offer ‘derisory’ and warned that Unite will consider a ballot for industrial action in response to members’ wishes.  Mr McAdam also said that the decision not to award the one per cent increase to NHS workers in receipt of annual increments “adds insult to injury”.

“In our submission to the PRB, Unite pointed out that a fair cost of living increase for NHS staff would help stimulate the economy.  Inflation is still running at close to two per cent and – as the Nevin Economic Research Institute recently pointed out – decent pay increases are required to help solve the cost of living crisis.  In fact, even the CBI has recommended above-inflation pay increases.

“Instead, today’s recommendation amounts to a further net pay cut, and the decision not to award even this paltry increase to those in receipt of increments adds insult to injury.

“Today’s derisory offer is bad for workers and their families, and bad for the Northern Ireland economy which badly needs an injection of cash from decent wage increases.

“It seems our members’ hard work and dedication count for nothing: instead, their pay packets have been shrinking year by year in real terms.

“Unite will be consulting with our members about the possibility of industrial action”, Kevin McAdam concluded.

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