Former Quinn Group: Unite says QBRC consortium has tabled only realistic proposals, welcomes discussions yesterday

unite white out of redSuccessful outcome of process vital to local workers and communities

March 6th: Trade union Unite, which is organising within the former Quinn Group of Companies, welcomed the opportunity to meet with members of the QBRC consortium yesterday (Wednesday 5 March).  The QBRC Consortium is putting together a serious and substantial bid for the overall Group.

Speaking today (Thursday 6 March), local union representative Eugene McGlone of Unite, who is involved in the discussions, said that he “believed that the Union and the consortium could do business together for the benefit of the workers in the Quinn Group and the local economy”.

Mr McGlone said that “the consortium clearly has a plan and an intention to retain as much employment within the Fermanagh area as is possible and this is in line with the objectives of Unite.  This is potentially good news for the workers and offers hope for the future.

“Removal of the Quinn Group of businesses from the area or a piecemeal disposal of individual business units is likely to be disastrous for long-term investment and career opportunity in this locality”, Mr McGlone pointed out.

Mr McGlone confirmed that this position reflects the views of Unite members across the former Quinn Group of companies, including those local to Fermanagh/Cavan and those in Britain including the substantial glass operations there.

Concluding, Mr McGlone said: “Unite’s view is that the QBRC consortium’s proposals are the only firm and realistic proposals currently on the table.  In the interests of our members, I look forward to the current process being brought to a successful conclusion”.

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