ABP Lurgan strike: 240 workers stand firm against low pay and anti-family hours

ABP flagsParties set to engage at LRA following today’s action

Workers heartened by community and union support

November 4th: 240 Unite members at ABP Lurgan, spanning six different nationalities, have been on the picket line since 6 am this morning (Monday) in a dispute centred on the company’s decision to offer a below-inflation pay increase while also seeking to unilaterally impose earlier shift start times which will make childcare arrangements even more difficult for the low-paid workforce.

The strength of the workers’ action today reduced production at ABP to one line with fewer than 30 people.

Speaking after a mass meeting of workers held this afternoon, Unite Regional Officer Brian Hewitt said:

“On a cold and wet November day, our members have been heartened by the support they’ve received from the local community, from workers in other factories, and from the wider trade union movement. Each beep of a passing horn or donation of coffee and pastries has encouraged our members to stand firm.

“Following today’s action, both parties will participate in talks at the Labour Relations Agency where Unite will engage constructively and in good faith. No one should be in any doubt: our members remain determined to use the kind of strength and solidarity displayed today to defend their and their families’ living standards”, Mr Hewitt said.

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