Harland and Wolff workers welcome display of solidarity by Glentoran Football Club

Save Our Yard‘Save our yard’ banner to be displayed at Oval for tonight’s Glentoran home match against Institute

Supporters of Glentoran and Institute football clubs will be greeted by a 60 foot by 40 foot ‘Save Our yard’ banner at tonight’s fixture at the Oval after management at the East Belfast club agreed to display the banner which had been hung previously from the Goliath crane gantry by the workforce. Welcoming the display of solidarity, Unite Regional Coordinating Officer Susan Fitzgerald said:

“The workers in Harland and Wolff are now entering their fifth week of an occupation of the shipyard in defence of jobs and skills. Over the course of those weeks they have been overwhelmed by a huge outpouring of solidarity from individuals and organisations across Belfast, and indeed across these islands.

“Their powerful stance has struck a chord with working-class people who face a reality of stagnating pay, precarious working and redundancies. It shows that workers have the power to change things – if only they get organised and take decisive action. The workforce has been visited by trade unionists, artists, sporting clubs and cultural figures – becoming a focus for all those who seek progressive change. They have shown leadership all too lacking from the majority of our political leaders.

“The decision by Glentoran to proudly display the banner of the workers at their home game demonstrates the level of support existing for the workers’ bold action. This colossal banner previously flew from the yard arm of the Goliath crane but now will be brought into the heart of East Belfast football.

“The workers remain determined to occupy the shipyard until their demands for job security and investment for a future, for jobs and skills, are met. This act of solidarity from Glentoran will be welcomed by them as they enter their fifth week of this occupation”.


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