Bombardier bosses agree union demand to end compulsory redundancies in face of industrial action ballot

148Company confirm that they will suspend all compulsory redundancies and those workers affected in the most recent round will be offered their jobs back.

Talks between unions and management on securing work and growth for Northern Ireland sites will now commence.

Susan Fitzgerald, Unite Regional Coordinating Officer responsible for her union’s members in Bombardier,

“Today’s announcement will come as very welcome news to the entire Bombardier workforce. Union shop stewards were due to begin balloting members to build for industrial action against compulsory redundancies. This significant reversal means that not only are compulsory redundancies now off the table but those who were targeted in the last round will now be offered their jobs back. This is great news for those workers and their families. It reflects the determination of the workforce to challenge the ongoing erosion of jobs and skills across the company sites in Northern Ireland”,  Ms Fitzgerald said.

Unite Assistant General Secretary, Steve Turner, welcomed the announcement that thirty-two workers who were made compulsorily redundant would be offered their old jobs back and confirmed that shop stewards in his union and the GMB had agreed to suspend a ballot on industrial action which was set to open today.

 “In recent meetings with the global corporate management, I have been raising the concerns of the workforce over mounting job losses and the recent round of compulsory redundancies. This announcement is great news for the workers affected and a tremendous win for the entire workforce; this success demonstrates the power of our unions when we stand together for jobs and skills.

“We now need to see delivery on the promises of growth that we have heard so many times from management. We need to see investment for jobs and growth and the ending of all off-shoring of work”,  Mr Turner said.

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