Unite Archaeologists welcome 15% – 30% pay increases from Rubicon, following engagement as part of the drive to lift archaeologists out of ‘poverty pay’

unite-white-out-of-redMay 4th: Unite, which represents commercial archaeologists working in Ireland, today announced that leading consultancy Rubicon Heritage has increased pay levels in line with a Unite pay claim which will see many employees getting 15% pay increase with a smaller number benefiting from between 20% and 30% pay increases.  Around 20 full-time and a range of temporary staff will benefit from the increases. As anticipated by Unite there has been a considerable uplift in employment in Commercial Archaeology in the last nine months, although wage levels are only returning to 2008 levels.

Commenting, the chair of Unite Archaeology, Matt Seaver, said:

“Commercial archaeology in Ireland was long characterised by precarious work and poverty pay.  In 2015, Unite succeeded in ensuring that no archaeologist is paid below the Living Wage – currently €11.50 per hour.

“Unite is working towards an industry-wide agreement to prevent the kind of catastrophic pay slides suffered by archaeologists during the recession.

“Meanwhile, we have lodged pay claims with Ireland’s three leading archaeological companies.  Following constructive engagement, Rubicon Heritage have aligned their wage structure with our pay claim.  As a result, all workers will see their pay increase by at least 15%.

“Rubicon Heritage has worked with Unite to ensure that those who protect Ireland’s heritage are paid a decent wage.  Now it’s up to other archaeological companies to follow suit”, Mr Seaver said.


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