First one-day strike to proceed at Nitronica, Ballynahinch tomorrow

002Union call on Nitronica management to get real on pay improvement for low-wage workers

May 4th: Unite the union’s Regional Coordinating Officer, Davy Thompson, called on management at Ballynahinch-based electronic systems suppliers, Nitronica, to make a realistic pay offer for their workers ahead of a first twenty-four hour strike action set to commence from 6 am tomorrow.

“Unite members in Nitronica voted overwhelmingly to take industrial action with a majority of 73%. The strike will commence tomorrow with pickets established from 6am to 6pm which will mean that all work at the plant shuts down for a full day.

“The workforce at Nitronica is highly skilled and committed but has been offered little more than the bare legal minimum and significantly less than the independently determined Living Wage – calculated as the minimum necessary for a basic standard of living – which is currently £8.45 an hour.

“Strike action is a last resort for our members. This situation has resulted from the failure of management to address the issue of poverty pay. Unite is keen to adopt a more constructive approach, working with management, to secure growth and future success of the business but skilled workers cannot be expected to continue to work for little more than the bare legal minimum.

“Even at this late stage, it is not too late for management to avoid the unnecessary disruption that a strike will cause. Unite is calling on management to step forward with a realistic pay offer for their workforce”, Mr Thompson ended.

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