Statement by Unite on premises at 15 Merrion Square

unite-white-out-of-redJanuary 16th: Unite is seeking to sell the former Amicus offices at 15 Merrion Square, which are in poor condition, with the benefit of planning permission for apartments.  In so doing, our aim is to maximise the value of this property for our members throughout Ireland and ensure that we have the resources to support and defend them.

It is Unite’s understanding that, following legislative changes introduced by the previous Government, the planning permission applicant (Unite the Union Trustee Company), had no legal option but to seek a social housing exemption.   If it should transpire that this was not appropriate in the case of 15 Merrion Square, the application will be withdrawn.

Unite regards attempts to draw a parallel between 15 Merrion Square and Apollo House as, at best, disingenuous and, at worst, mischievous.  As a NAMA property, Apollo House belongs to the people of Ireland.

Unite remains fully committed to the aims of the Home Sweet Home campaign, and we are proud of the campaign’s achievements in not only highlighting the scandal of homelessness in Ireland but also in securing six-month beds for 84 people.

Unite will not be issuing any further comment on this matter.

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