Bus Eireann: Grant Thornton report and terms of reference must be published

unite-white-out-of-redTime to stop leaking and start talking

January 15th: Unite, which represents craft workers in Bus Eireann, has called for the Grant Thornton report on the company to be published along with the terms of reference given to the consultants.  Commenting, Unite Regional Officer Willie Quigley said:

“For almost a week our members have been subjected to a barrage of leaks in the media.  These leaks have included details from a consultants’ report which has not been seen by unions, and suggestions that management is preparing to meet unions to discuss “implementation” of this unseen report – despite the fact that unions have yet to receive any invitation to talks.

“It is time to stop leaking and start talking.  In the first instance, I am calling on the Minister to publish both the report and the terms of reference given to the consultants, so that all stakeholders – including the travelling public – are fully informed.

“Talks should then be convened with a view to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the company and the vital service it provides – a service which, in Unite’s view, should continue to be run in its entirety as a public service.   It should be noted that management has already accepted that pay increases must form part of any talks.

“The difficulties currently facing Bus Eireann can only be resolved through a transparent engagement between all stakeholders”, Willie Quigley concluded.

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