From Bended Knee to a New Republic

bended-knee-book-cover-150-pxBrendan Ogle’s new book  describes how the fight for water is changing Ireland

November 2nd: From its explosion onto Dublin’s streets in October 2014 the anti-water-charges campaign has changed the face of politics in the Republic. As a result of its stunning success it is no longer the case that Irish Governments and opinion-formers can take peaceful protest and civil disobedience for granted. The terms of engagement have been altered.

The massive success of this campaign is the result of a unique blend of community, trade union and political activism and alternative thinking that, through Right2Water, has caught national and international attention.

Brendan Ogle’s new book – From Bended Knee to a New Republic: How the Fight for Water is Changing Ireland – captures all the colour, noise, and excitement as a nation in ‘national collective trauma’ from a disastrous economic collapse finally finds its voice of years of enforced austerity.

From government-controlled efforts to put a €5 billion pension risk on to 6,000 state electricity workers to a water privatisation agenda forced without mandate on a hitherto compliant public, Unite Political Officer and Right2Water Coordinator Brendan Ogle  describes from his unique vantage point how people decided enough was enough, and a fight back was developed.

From Bended Knee to a New Republic describes how ordinary workers and citizens can defeat corporate greed and State power in spectacular terms. This is the inside story of how a changed, more equal Ireland is emerging and what its place is in the wider European Union and beyond.

Speaking before this evening’s book launch, Regional Secretary Jimmy Kelly said:

“Brendan’s book sets out in detail how our union, our members and our class are fighting back in Ireland and changing our country for the better. As Regional Secretary I have been honoured to be a part of this massive movement, and very proud that we in Unite have led from the front. I feel the book will be essential and enjoyable reading for all those interested in how the fight for our water is changing Ireland”.

From Bended Knee to a New Republic: How the Fight for Water is Changing Ireland will be available from all good bookshops, or online from

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