Union welcomes publication of Bengoa report heralding transformation of Health & Social Care

peye-021115kb2-0039Restructuring process must be underpinned by adequate budgets and must guarantee equality of outcome for all patients

Priority given to co-production and collaborative approach involving staff is best approach to improve our Health Service

October 25th: Unite Regional Officer Kevin McAdam, welcomed the publication of the Bengoa Report ‘Systems Not Structures’ and the Health Minister Michelle O’Neill’s ten-year strategy for the sector ‘Health & Well-being’:

“We recognise the need for reform and restructuring of our Health & Social Care system. This process of reform can only succeed on the basis of a collaborative approach involving patients, staff and other key stakeholders. As such, we welcome the Minister’s commitment to adopt a ‘co-production’ approach grounded on such partnership working. We look forward to playing a positive role in that process.

“The previous reform initiative, Transforming Your Care, was not underpinned by adequate funding and didn’t adopt a collaborative approach to reform. It is vital that adequate resources be provided to grasp this opportunity for long-term restructuring and improvement.

“The Minister has committed herself to bringing forward proposals to reduce waiting lists; we believe that the best way to do this on a sustainable basis is to increase capacity within the HSE itself.

“The strategy places a greater emphasis on promoting preventative outreach services and delivering ‘acute care at home’; while these have the potential to lower costs it is vital that their roll-out be predicated on the need to improve quality of care for patients.

“We welcome the Minister’s commitment to delivering equality of outcome for all regardless of location, social class or deprivation. We have to tackle the root-cause of health inequalities.

“Unite the union has a positive outlook towards this process of reform. We will engage constructively in any processes which seek to achieve real efficiencies, improve services and value the contribution of all staff stakeholders”, Mr McAdam concluded.

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