Unite backs Belfast City Centre Anti-Austerity demonstration

012Protest coincides with People’s Assembly protest against Conservative Party conference in Birmingham

Austerity part of an agenda seeking to transfer wealth from working-class to the wealthy

September 27th: Jackie Pollock, deputy Irish Regional Secretary for Unite offered his union’s backing for the ‘Tories Out – Austerity Has Failed’ protest set for Belfast City Centre at 1pm on Sunday 2nd October:

“On behalf of Unite the union, I urge trade unionists and the wider community to come out to show their opposition to Austerity at Sunday’s demonstration at Belfast City Hall [October 2nd]. We must continue to show our determined opposition to austerity policies coming from whatever source.

“This demo coincides with the ‘Austerity Has Failed’ protest outside the Tory party conference in Birmingham organised by People’s Assembly and shows the solidarity of workers across all parts of the United Kingdom.

“The abject failure of austerity policies to reduce the deficit exposes the truth that they are really part of a corporate agenda to slash the proportion of national wealth going to services and social welfare provisions for working class people. This is about transferring wealth from working-class people to the wealthy.

“It doesn’t matter if you live in Belfast or Birmingham, Limavady or Luton – austerity policies seek to make ordinary working-class people pay the price for a crisis for which we were not responsible. We must stand together to defeat this reactionary agenda.

“As part of the wider grassroots fight back, Unite will continue our campaign to oppose cuts to public services and defend public sector workers”, Mr Pollock concluded.

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