Union calls for SP Graham to ‘open their books’ to justify claims of inability to pay

JK picOn eve of fourth day of strike action (Saturday April 23rd) management refuse union’s offer to sit down and negotiate a realistic pay settlement

Management at SP Graham Ltd must get real and address workers’ pay demands before lasting damage is done to business

April 22nd: Unite Regional Secretary, Jimmy Kelly, has called on management at SP Graham Ltd to come forward with a realistic pay proposal addressing the issue of poverty pay in its workforce:

“This Saturday workers at SP Graham Ltd bookies outlets across Northern Ireland will take the fourth day of strike action in demand of a fair pay increase.

“Management seem to be like rabbits caught in the headlamps of an oncoming vehicle; they recognise that this dispute is doing their business damage but appear unwilling to take the action needed to negotiate a settlement. They appear determined to refuse the legitimate demand for a Living Wage come what may. It is time they ‘got real’ in responding to their workforce.

“As this dispute continues, it is increasingly obvious that the company will lose far more in reputation and standing in the local community, not to mention in turnover, than they would if they simply came forward with a realistic pay offer.

“They attempt to justify an wage of just nine pence an hour above the legal minimum by pleading inability to pay. If this is true, then we challenge them to open their books to the workers and our union and sit down to resolve this positively. Otherwise, it will be clear for all to see who is responsible for this continuing dispute and the numbers boycotting this company will continue to swell.

“There is mounting community support for the brave young workers of SP Graham Ltd who today are at the forefront of the fight for a Living Wage in Northern Ireland. This is the first step in Unite’s campaign to ensure that all bookmakers here pay their workers a Living Wage”, Mr Kelly concluded.

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