Stakeholder parties must work together to secure continued success and employment at Antrim Carpets

Antrim CarpetsUnite offers to mediate between management, landlord and purchaser

Union’s sole interest is to secure much needed employment in an area of acute deprivation

Unite Regional Officer, Sean Smyth, whose union represents workers at Antrim Carpets has called on all stakeholder parties to work collaboratively to secure employment and a future for the company:

“Antrim Carpets has struggled over the last number of years and now the opportunity to recover from the past difficulties has been offered with a new investor attracted by their growing market share as well as their reputation for quality. The company produces carpets for some of the largest hotels in Ireland and Britain.

“Unite is supportive of the investor’s proposal to acquire the business as we believe that this will guarantee the medium- to long-term future of the company.

“We understand the need of existing landlord, Benmore Developments, to protect its interests but we are calling on all parties to be flexible. By working collectively in a reasonable manner, all parties can benefit. There is also a positive role for Invest NI to pay in safeguarding twenty-six jobs in what is a highly deprived area.

“Unite stands ready and willing to mediate between the parties to find a mutually-acceptable solution which will sustain our members’ employment and a bright future for this company”, Mr Smyth concluded.

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