Trade Unions shocked and disappointed by Simon Hamilton’s imposition of pay settlement on health service staff

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Kevin McAdam, Unite NI (Health)

Healthcare unions warn industrial action is a distinct and likely response

Healthcare workers in Northern Ireland will not accept being the lowest paid in the UK

January 8th: The trade union forum lead by Unite, RCN, Unison and NIPSA, representing staff in the healthcare sector stated:

“The trade unions in health are both shocked and disappointed that Health Minister, Simon Hamilton, has disregarded all protocols in negotiations and industrial relations by choosing to announce, through a press release, the imposition of a pay settlement on Health service Staff. This is a new low in the way his department deal with Staff Representatives.

“We absolutely reject the Ministers assertions that the delay was the fault of the Unions. Despite our requesting a meeting in May 2015, the Minister did not agree to meet with the unions until the middle of December. We view this lack of engagement as a disregard of the responsibilities of his office, a fact that will not be lost on our memberships.

“The health trade unions will convene an urgent meeting on Monday to provide a more detailed response. Industrial action remains a distinct and likely response. Health care workers in Northern Ireland will not accept being the lowest paid in the UK, they deserve to be treated better than this.”

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