RSA: Unite contrasts award to former CEO with losses suffered by employees

unite-white-out-of-redJune 22nd: Commenting on the decision by the Employment Appeals Tribunal to award former RSA Chief Executive Philip Smith € 1.25 million for constructive dismissal, Unite Regional Officer Colm Quinlan said that the union’s members in RSA would be surprised at the scale of the award given the sequence of events which led not only to Mr Smith’s departure from the company, but also to a severe programme of job losses and cuts in earnings.

“RSA staff will be particularly disturbed to learn that at least two dozen members of the senior management team were aware of the reserving practices which ultimately resulted in the departure of the former Chief Executive.

“The financial consequences triggered by those practices will ultimately result in over 200 job losses and cuts in earnings of around 10 per cent.  The losses suffered by our members stand in marked contrast with the scale of today’s award.

“RSA management is continuing to pursue a cost-cutting agenda. Unite members remaining in the organisation are deeply disappointed at the deterioration of what had once been a good employer, but have been determined to continue cooperating with the company to repair the damage that has been done and to ensure that the RSA Group is once again a good place to work.

“Today’s development, and the revelations surrounding the events which resulted in Mr Smith’s departure, will undoubtedly make that task more difficult – and will certainly heighten our members’ determination to resist any further cuts”, Colm Quinlan concluded.

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