Waterford Crystal: payments to proceed in accordance with settlement

unite-white-out-of-redDocumentation due to be issued by DSP and Mercer

June 19th: Trade union Unite today issued the following statement with regard to the Waterford Crystal pension case:

“Matters relating to payment of the settlement terms are proceeding as agreed and in accordance with the final settlement.

“Unite, on behalf of our members, has signed off on the following:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions – this will be a very helpful and informative document for our Unite members.
  2. We have agreed the Deed of Release form going to members.
  3. We have agreement on the wording for the Letter of Offer to go to members.

“These three items of correspondence will be issued by the Department of Social Protection and Mercer, and sent together to all our members’ home addresses.

“Once members have read the information, signed off and returned the Deed of Release and the Letter of Offer, the payment of lump sums and pensions will commence”.

The union’s Ireland Secretary Jimmy Kelly added:

“The Waterford Crystal pension court proceedings no longer have any effect on the implementation of our settlement, and thus on the payment of our tax-free lump sums and pensions.   The Court merely needs to be notified that all payments have been made, and the case will then end. Any suggestion to the contrary is misleading, and is causing further unnecessary stress to our members”, Mr Kelly concluded.

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