Five months into JJ Rhatigan dispute, Unite extends pickets to Wyckham Point site in Dundrum

Rhatigan Darley rainJJ Rhatigan workers paid less than €5 per hour on school building project

Union remains determined to ensure decent conditions on Government-funded projects

January 9th: Unite is today placing pickets on the JJ Rhatigan & Co site at Wyckham Point in Dundrum. The Galway-based construction company has been contracted by Hibernia REIT to complete 213 apartments in the Wyckham Point complex.

The dispute centres on the complex web of sub-contracting operated by JJ Rhatigan & Co which resulted in workers on their Kishoge Community College site in Lucan being paid less than €5 per hour – less than the National Minimum Wage and less than one third of the agreed industry rate. In a ballot conducted on September 11th, Unite members working at the Kishoge site unanimously voted to take industrial action, up to and including strike action and placing pickets, at all locations where JJ Rhatigan & Co. carries out its business. Industrial action commenced on Friday 19 September, and is still continuing five months on.

Commenting, Unite Regional Officer Tom Fitzgerald said:

“Five months into this dispute, the workers and their trade union Unite remain determined to ensure that those working on Government-funded projects such as the JJ Rhatigan site at Kishoge Community College are paid the rate for the job.

“Today, we are expanding our pickets to include the JJ Rhatigan site at the Wyckham Point complex in Dundrum.

“Our message to JJ Rhatigan & Co is clear: there is only one way to end this dispute and that is to engage with Unite with a view to ensuring that our members are paid the wage to which they are entitled – and that such abuses do not occur in the future”, Tom Fitzgerald concluded.

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