NI Water workers forced to take industrial action by management

unite-white-out-of-redDecember 19: Management leave workers with no alternative to industrial action

Industrial action to commence Monday 22nd December

UNITE officer representing the union’s members in NI Water, Joanne McWilliams, expressed her disappointment at the unwillingness of management to reverse proposals penalising workers.

“NI Water is seeking to push cost-saving measures onto the backs our members who are already struggling to pay bills. Management proposals would push an additional cost of approximately £100 a month for pension contributions onto our members. Our members simply cannot accept this.

“All three unions continued intense negotiations with the DRD Minister Danny Kennedy and NI Water management until late on Thursday but management refused to remove this proposal and talks broke up without any agreement.

“The planned industrial action will see more than 1,000 workers commence a work-to-rule action including withdrawal of on-call, standby and overtime. We recognise that this is likely to lead to supply disruptions as NIW maintain more than 2,700 treatment works and pumping stations. Our members will, however, continue to provide emergency cover.

“All three unions are willing to continue with negotiations right up to and beyond Monday 22nd December in order to attempt to find a solution and avoid disruption to communities. We have set out our position to both the Minister and NIW but unless the pension proposals are taken off the table, our members have no alternative but to commence action from Monday”, concluded Ms McWilliams.

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