Women’s rights cannot be vindicated while Eighth Amendment remains

unite white out of redUnite supports campaign to repeal amendment to make way for fit-for-purpose legislation

September 6th: Speaking at a conference on building a coalition to repeal the Eights Amendment in Dublin today , Unite Regional Equalities Officer Taryn Trainor said that women’s rights cannot be vindicated while the Eighth Amendment remains in force.   Pointing out that reproductive rights have transformed the working lives of women, Ms Trainor said that the right to access legal, safe and affordable terminations is a trade union issue, and she pledged Unite’s support for the campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

“Reproductive rights have transformed the lives of working women – yet women in Ireland are still denied one of the most crucial reproductive rights, the right to access abortion on this island.

“5,000 women each year are forced to travel to avail of abortion services elsewhere.

“Other women – those who are financially or physically unable to travel, or who lack the necessary documentation – are subjected to an abortion regime that treats them as little more than incubators

“The right to access abortion in Ireland is thus not only an issue of human rights and women’s rights – it is also an issue of social equity.

“Unite fully supports the campaign to repeal the Eighth Amendment as a prelude to introducing legislation which provides for safe, accessible and affordable terminations”, Taryn Trainor concluded.

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