Industrial action called off by Swissport workers at Belfast International Airport

unite white out of redUnion recognition of TUPE transferred workers conceded by management in face of looming strike action

September 5th: Planned industrial action has been called off at Swissport at Belfast International Airport after management agreed full union recognition for members of Unite who were TUPE-transferred from Easyjet to the company. Strike action was to commence on the morning of Monday 8th September.

Unite Regional Officer Davy Thompson welcomed the result:

“This dispute has dragged on needlessly since the beginning of April when a service provision change was made for the Easyjet contract which resulted in members of Unite being TUPE transferred. Swissport management refused to recognise Unite in relation to the workers transferred. Indeed, for an extended period, management refused to even meet the union at all”, Mr Thompson noted.

“Today’s announcement by Swissport confirms that these members will retain their rights to be collectively represented by a union of their choice.

“Unite is happy to call off the planned industrial action. On behalf of our members we wish to express our thanks to the Labour Relations Agency for the positive role they have played in resolving this dispute,” Mr Thompson concluded.

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