‘Lockout’ at Bord na Mona ended to workers’ satisfaction

bord na mona logotypeEngagement between unions and management achieves positive outcome for employees

December 2nd: Unite official Tom Fitzgerald – speaking on behalf of the Craft Group of Unions at Bord na Mona’s Blackwater facility – today said that the ‘Lockout’ of workers who had refused to accept the unilateral imposition of new work practices has been ended to the employees’ satisfaction.  Mr Fitzgerald said that the satisfactory resolution of the matter was due to constructive engagement between unions and management following the intervention of Bord na Mona’s CEO at the unions’ request.

“The Craft Group of Unions has received assurances from Bord na Mona management that the new work practices will not have any adverse impact on workers’ earnings or conditions of work.

“Short-term measures have been put in place to ensure that workers do not suffer financially as a result of the ‘Lockout’, and in the medium term the issue of loss of earnings has been referred to a third party.

“The swift resolution of this issue illustrates the importance of workers belonging to a union which can collectively protect workers’  terms and conditions”, Mr Fitzgerald concluded.

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