Save Regina Coeli House!

Keep Belfast’s only hostel for vulnerable women open!

Regina Coeli House – owned by the Legion of Mary – is the only hostel offering onsite support and counselling to vulnerable women but it faces the threat of closure at the end of February.

The facility is a space for women to turn around their lives. Women who have become homeless, who have been trafficked, who have been abused, who suffer addictions and who suffer poor mental health. Hundreds of the most vulnerable women in our society have benefited over the years.

For four weeks, the workers have organised a work-in occupation of the building. Supporters have raised money for heating and food. We are determined to keep the doors open and save this vital facility for women.

We are asking the Legion of Mary to hand over the building to the NI Housing Executive so that they can run this service. Failing that, we are calling for the direct intervention of Communities’ Minister Deirdre Hargey to take over the building and extensive grounds and keep it open. Instead of closing this vital facility, at a time when the numbers of women presenting with huge needs has never been greater, government should be investing in expanding the capacity of this facility not allowing it to shut.

You can read more about the workers’ struggle here, and you can help by signing their petition here.

We are encouraging supporters to email the Regina Coeli House management committee click here; the Legion of Mary click here; the NI Housing Executive Chief Executive Julia Long click here and Communities Minister Deirdre Hargey click here for a pre-prepared email. You will need to insert your name and feel free to personalise as you wish.

Save Regina Coeli House! Save our Women’s Hostel! Save Lives!