Unite members vote to accept inflation-proofed 13% pay increase at MM Bangor

Trade union hails pay deal that breaches the low-pay norm, offering hope to attract a new generation of workers to safeguard jobs and skills in Bangor area

Workers at MM Bangor voted with a 78% majority to accept one-year pay deal which will provide them with a 13% pay increase. The vote will end the workforce’s six day strike action with workers returning to work on the night shift on Sunday [14th May 2023]. 

Unite the union has welcomed the deal which they state will provide a solid platform to sustain the long-term future of jobs and skills at the packaging manufacturer as well as vital investment in the Bangor area.

Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham congratulated the workforce:

“This is a tremendous success for the workers of MM Bangor. It was won after a determined strike action and despite workers having had the PSNI called to their picket lines by management. The right of workers to withdraw their labour is one our movement must and will defend. 

“The workers at MM Bangor have demonstrated how by standing together and forcing employers to the table – workers can win pay increases offering real protection in this cost of living crisis.”

Regional officer for MM Bangor is Neil Moore who welcomed the positive outcome of the industrial dispute.

“This is a huge win for members at MM Bangor. This one-year deal will give workers an inflation-proof pay increase. What is more it represents a radical departure from the low pay norm at this company and offers the prospect of attracting a new generation of workers, ending the staffing crisis and removing any threat to the long-term future of jobs and skills at this Bangor company.

“Once again Unite the union members have demonstrated how collective organization and a willingness to take effective strike action can win both fair pay and respect from employers. The workers will re-enter their workplace transformed by this experience.”

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