Caterpillar 83 jobs redundancy announcement is another bitter blow for Larne area

Unite to engage with employer to mitigate impact on its membership

This afternoon’s announcement by Caterpillar that it is to seek 83 redundancies among its Larne workforce has been branded as another ‘bitter blow’ for the local area by trade union Unite which represents the workforce.

The union was notified of the redundancies this afternoon. Management are seeking to make redundant seventy-seven shop floor workers and six salaried staff. They have offered a downturn in sales of the G7 product – which is a smaller capacity generator – as the reason for the move.

Unite rejects the logic behind this redundancy and called for Caterpillar’s huge profits to be used to ensure the jobs of those who had contributed to its success.

Regional officer for the workers is George Brash who confirmed that his union would be engaging with management in consultation meeting on Monday coming:

“This afternoon’s announcement by Caterpillar bosses came out of the blue and represents another bitter blow for workers in the Larne area. Workers at Caterpillar now face the threat of losing their livelihoods in the middle of the worst cost of living crisis in decades.

“Caterpillar is a hugely successful global business. It reported profits of £5.6 last year and decided to give £4 billion of that to shareholders instead of reinvesting in upgrading production and new lines. If it is genuinely a case of declining sales of a particular small model of generator, the company should use its profits to establishing new production lines at Larne and safeguard rather than make redundant workers who are at the root of that success.

“Unite will be entering the consultation negotiations with management next Monday [5 September] with a view to making the case against redundancy, and failing that, seeking to mitigate the number and impact of any redundancies on our members.”

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