Unite members working on the buses reject latest, inadequate pay offer and vote for industrial action

The public transport union, Unite, have balloted their members working on Translink buses for industrial action following rejection of the company pay offer. The ballot, which closed at noon today, demonstrated the frustration of bus workers at the inadequate offer that has been tabled, with the majority of members voting to take action. 

Unite represents the majority of workers in the company and the action it takes has the potential to paralyse all bus services across Northern Ireland unless the company enter into meaningful talks to mitigate this.

Translink initially offered workers a pay deal which would have meant a real terms pay cut, as inflation climbs to 8.2 per cent. The company belatedly improved the offer but it still failed to meet members’ expectations.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: Translink workers are fed up with being taken for granted. This company needs to get real on the pay offer to our members.

“Our members working on the buses at Translink will have the union’s total support until the company makes a fair offer and this dispute is resolved.”

Without an imminent breakthrough in the dispute Unite will notify Translink of pending industrial actionfollowing consultation with members.

Unite deputy Regional Secretary Davy Thompson said: “Any action taken will inevitably cause severe disruption to bus services across Northern Ireland, but my members cannot accept seeing their standards of living collapse. 

“Translink needs to realise the error of its ways, table an improved offer and return to the negotiating table.”

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1 Response to Unite members working on the buses reject latest, inadequate pay offer and vote for industrial action

  1. Gerry Adair says:

    It’s about time, the employees have been taken for granted for too long. The management have been under the illusion that by filling the management spaces with graduates who have no road experience or people skills. The bubble is about to bust.

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